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* equal contributions

  1. Exponential Family Model-Based Reinforcement Learning via Score Matching
    NeurIPS (2022). (Oral presentation).
  2. Characterizing the Loss Landscape in Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
    Johan BjorckAnmol KabraKilian Q Weinberger,  and Carla Gomes
    AAAI (2021).
  3. GPU-Accelerated Principal-Agent Game for Scalable Citizen Science
    Anmol KabraYexiang Xue,  and Carla P. Gomes
    COMPASS (2019).
  4. A Modular Approach to Optimal Hybrid Bus Allocation for TCAT
    Anmol Kabra*, Kenneth Fang*,  and Nicholas Kaye*
    Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CMCM) report, Cornell University (2017).
  5. Solving the Avicaching Game Faster and Better
    Anmol KabraYexiang Xue,  and Carla P. Gomes
    Summer research project report, Cornell University (2017).
  6. Potential of Conversion of Waste to Energy in India
    Aayush*, Vaibhav Agarwal*,  Anmol Kabra*, Amit Parashar*, Anshumat Srivastava*,  and Ajay Kalamdhad
    High school research project report, IIT Guwahati (2013).