I’m a recent graduate of Cornell University, a 2020 Merrill Presidential Scholar, Tata Scholar, and a Telluride Scholar. I studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with a focus on Machine Learning and Optimization. Additionally, I’m interested in environmental and economic sustainability.

I lived in the Telluride House at Cornell, did research at the Computational Sustainability lab, and volunteered as the Research Lead in Cornell’s Association of Computer Science Undergraduates. I currently work at ASAPP.

Computation and human thought have at least 1 common feature: both have inputs and outputs.

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Academic Work

  • Anmol Kabra, Yexiang Xue, and Carla P. Gomes. 2019.
    GPU-accelerated Principal-Agent Game for Scalable Citizen Science.
    2nd ACM SIGCAS Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS), July 3–5, 2019, Accra, Ghana.

    paper   •   code   •   slides   •   video (start at 3:31:44)
    For 2018 Computational Sustainability Doctoral Consortium:   slides   •   poster
    For 2019 Cornell CIS BOOM, Ivy League Undergrad Research Symposium, Computational Sustainability Doctoral Consortium:   poster

  • Anmol Kabra, Kenneth Fang, and Nicholas Kaye. 2017.
    A Modular Approach to Optimal Hybrid Bus Allocation for TCAT.
    Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CMCM).

    Submission to the 3-day mathematical modeling hackathon to find optimal bus allocation schemes.
    info   •   report

  • Anmol Kabra, Yexiang Xue, and Carla P. Gomes. 2017.
    Solving the Avicaching Game Faster and Better.

    Summer research project on a scalable neural-network-based reformulation to a Mixed-Integer-Programming-based solver for a Principal-Agent game in citizen science.
    info   •   report   •   code

  • Aayush*, Amit Parashar*, Anmol Kabra*, Anshumat Srivastava*, Vaibhav Agarwal*, and Ajay Kalamdhad. 2013.
    Potential of Conversion of Waste to Energy in India.

    High school research project at IIT Guwahati, India on mapping the feasibility of waste-to-energy conversion techniques in Patna, Bihar, India, followed by a fellowship program at IIT Kharagpur, India.
    info   •   report

* equal contributions


  • Anmol Kabra. 2019.
    State of the Electric Vehicle: Consumers, Markets, Environment, and Motorsports.

    Public lecture at Telluride House, Cornell University on the ongoing developments in electric vehicle technology, markets, and motorsports.

  • Anmol Kabra. 2018.
    Data Privacy, Palm Oil, and Petty Consumerism.

    Public lecture at Telluride House, Cornell University. on data privacy, industrial agriculture, and consumerism.
    transcript as pdf   •   transcript as html

  • Anmol Kabra. 2015.
    TV recording of live video conference with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

    Selected among 9 students from across India to interact with the Indian Prime Minister live. Asked him questions on mental health issues in high schoolers preparing for Indian college entrance exams.
    video   •   media—The Telegraph, India   •   media—Hindustan Times, India

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