Anmol Kabra

Anmol Kabra


I'm a junior (3rd year) undergrad at Cornell University, and a recipient of the Tata Scholarship and the Telluride Scholarship. I study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with a focus on Machine Learning and Optimization. Additionally, I'm interested in environmental and economic sustainability.

I live in the Telluride House at Cornell, research at the Computational Sustainability lab, and volunteer as the Research Lead in Cornell's Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU).

\(\forall\;h\;\in\text{ Humans on }\)\(\text{planet Earth, }\)\(\;\exists\text{ worlds }W=\{\) \(\text{real}\)\(,\) \(\text{virtual }\)\(\}\text{ and modes }M=\{\) \(\text{in}\)\(,\) \(\text{out }\)\(\}\)
For all humans on planet Earth, there exists two worlds — real and virtual — and two modes — in and out.



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My interests often change with time. Back in high school, I was inclined more towards Chemistry, but now I don't like it as much. However, my proximity to a Computer Science education has dramatically increased since graduating from high school.

I'm currently interested in solving real-life sustainability problems using Machine Learning and Optimization. These interests might concentrate or diverge with time.

My research experience during summer 2017, which continues now, got me interested in the field of Computational Sustainability, where computers solve our sustainability problems. I appreciate the capability of Computer Science and Sustainability to mutually advance by collaboration:

On a less academic note, I like

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