Anmol Kabra

Anmol Kabra


I'm a junior (3rd year) undergrad at Cornell University, receiving the Tata Scholarship, studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with a focus on Machine Learning and Optimization. Moreover, I'm interested in environmental and economic sustainability.

I live in the Telluride House at Cornell, work at the Computational Sustainability lab for research, and volunteer as an Academic Officer in Cornell's Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU).

\(\forall\;h\;\in\text{ Humans on }\)\(\text{planet Earth, }\)\(\;\exists\text{ worlds }W=\{\) \(\text{real}\)\(,\) \(\text{virtual }\)\(\}\text{ and modes }M=\{\) \(\text{in}\)\(,\) \(\text{out }\)\(\}\)
For all humans on planet Earth, there exists two worlds — real and virtual — and two modes — in and out.



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My interests often change with time. Back in high school, I was inclined more towards Chemistry, but now I don't like it as much. However, my proximity to a Computer Science education has increased tremendously since graduating from high school.

I'm currently interested in solving real-life sustainability problems using Machine Learning and Optimization. These interests might concentrate or diverge with time as I study, research, and work.

My research experience during summer 2017, which continues now, got me interested in the field of Computational Sustainability, where computers solve our sustainability problems. I appreciate the capability of Computer Science and Sustainability to mutually advance by collaboration:

On a less academic note, I like

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