Anmol Kabra

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I will be joining Cornell’s Computer Science PhD program in Fall 2024 to work on AI/ML for science and climate problems.

I am a graduate student at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), advised by Nati Srebro. At TTIC, I have studied ML for decision-making with a focus on game theory, multi-objective optimization, and privacy.

Previously, I was a Research Engineer at ASAPP at the Ithaca Research Lab, working with Kilian Weinberger, for a couple years — it was super fun!

I received my Bachelors in Science from Cornell University in Spring 2020 and was named a 2020 Merrill Presidential Scholar. At Cornell, I was generously supported by the Tata Scholarship and Telluride Scholarship, for which I’ll be eternally grateful. I studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, specializing in machine learning and optimization. I did research with Carla Gomes and the PhD students at the Computational Sustainability lab, where I first learned about the game theory and machine learning.


Oct 2023

Apr 2023




  • Joined ASAPP as a Research Engineer at the Ithaca Research Lab.
  • Graduated from Cornell!
    • Recognized as a 2020 Merrill Presidential Scholar (top 1% of graduating class).
    • Received the 2020 Computer Science Prize for Academic Excellence (highest undergraduate honor in the CS department).


selected papers

* equal contributions

  1. Domain Private Transformers for Multi-Domain Dialog Systems
    Anmol Kabra,  and Ethan R. Elenberg
    Findings-EMNLP (2023).
  2. Exponential Family Model-Based Reinforcement Learning via Score Matching
    NeurIPS (2022). (Oral presentation).
  3. Characterizing the Loss Landscape in Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
    AAAI (2021).
  4. GPU-Accelerated Principal-Agent Game for Scalable Citizen Science
    Anmol KabraYexiang Xue,  and Carla P. Gomes
    COMPASS (2019).

on a less academic note, I like

(listed in increasing order of number of characters in each bullet)
  • biking
  • cooking
  • playing Table Tennis
  • watching documentaries
  • following Formula 1 and motorsports
  • walking fast so that my legs heat up (and ache)
  • reading books, magazines, newspapers, research papers — mostly non-fiction these days