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Years of Living Dangerously

Updated on May 18, 2017   •   National Geographic   •   tv  •  non-fiction  •  documentaries

Climate Change is not funny, and a major part of it today is caused by Humans. If you’re reading this, you’re fortunate enough to be living, but amidst grave danger on nature and life on Earth. I do not want to sound ominous, but if we don’t change how we live, we could be very well see mass loss of life, human and natural.

This series is one of the most remarkable non-fiction shows on climate change science and politics I have ever seen. Hosted by a range of people concerned and hit by the effects of Climate Change, Years of Living Dangerously gives me chills and insight every time I see it. I may have even watched some episodes repeatedly, but I wouldn’t even say that it was not worth it. The tone of the series is dead serious, much more impactful than other documentaries on war or human rights/civil movements.