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Risky Drinking

Updated on Jul 21, 2017   •   HBO   •   non-fiction  •  documentaries

Drinking alcohol is not harmful unless consumed in excess in a single go or even in regular but rampant spouts. It’s kind of a college-life culture in the United States to endlessly go to frat-parties on weekends and pass out in a bad shape, only to ruin the next day. I’m not against such traditions in an extreme way, but the students here paint the scene in a glorified way — in a way saying that ‘you got to go to frat-party, get hungover, and pass out before graduating’. Seems like drinking gets equaled with, if not praised over, having fun, and that’s just negative.

Came across this documentary on a YouTube autoplay, and I liked how it brushed off the comparison between having fun and drinking till hungover. Not a great documentary, but definitely a good one. It cycles through stages of how the addiction to alcohol increases over time, overriding the control mechanism soon. You don’t have to be a non-drinker to watch it and talk about this with your friends who drink — to demean them I should say, but it’s important to know the other side of the ‘fun’, one that is often overlooked on Friday nights.