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Updated on Feb 03, 2019   •   Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos Papadimitriou   •   books  •  non-fiction

I have usually been reluctant to reading comics, but the history of logic in the form of comics sounded interesting to me. The comic uses Bertrand Russell’s public lecture as a backdrop to discuss the history of logic, and how logicians, mathematicians, and philosophers during the industrial age pressed hard to rigorously define the laws of mathematical logic to law its foundation. Personally, I didn’t find the book as interesting as I was expecting it to be, probably because the authors discussed the history and development in a general sense more than anything else. I was however surprised at how conveniently the authors plugged in elements of logic and arguments for the general audience to understand, and I praise this aspect of the book a lot. It’s a pleasant and a relatively quick read, and the illustrations are beautiful.