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Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!

Updated on Jun 09, 2017   •   Richard P. Feynman   •   books  •  non-fiction

I am not a big fan of autobiographies; often they are mundane and too plain. Feynman’s was different though — it was intellectual, plain and funny at the same time. Innocuously, I tried relating to his experiences at Cornell, but often in vain as most of the landscape and people have changed in 70 years. It is a little scientific, and I couldn’t follow some parts of nuclear chemistry and quantum electrodynamics, but he does a great job at explaining science to the inexperienced reader. Although he seemed to joke about his experiences often, he was only living his life playfully and unhindered — something I appreciate a lot. Maybe this book will encourage me to other autobiographies as well, or maybe others are just too boring.